A Simple Guide to Range Rover Sport Aftermarket Accessories

If you’re after a luxury vehicle that can go through any type of terrain without any issue then the British automaker, Land Rover is the manufacturer you should pay attention to. Land Rovers have always been vehicles for conquering land in style. The Range Rover Sport is no exception as it has all the same qualities found on a Land Rover with more power.

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LED Light Bars Buying Guide

The light bulb is a truly revolutionary idea, so much so that it literally signifies a new idea being born. The same can be said for LED lightning. An LED or led emitting diode is nothing new when it comes to inventions it’s just that LED tech has become mainstream in recent years. In every aspect of your life, you can see LED lights becoming more and more common which is also the case with vehicles.
Not only are people replacing their existing headlights with LED they’re also adding additional ones such as light bars. This is because LEDs are not only more efficient than their older counterparts, but they are also far more long-lasting and they do power up instantly. You also get to control the light being emitted making them an even better option.

What to Look for in LED Light Bars

Beam Type

One of the first things you should keep in mind when shopping for a LED bar is the type of beam it can produce. There are beam patterns such as spot, flood, elliptical, and combination. LED light bars Australia wide that come with a spot beam pattern are useful when you want to illuminate over long distances. Spot beam patterns measure anywhere from 2° to 10° in width. If you want automotive LED light bars with a wider beam pattern then go with flood LED bars.
A flood pattern is able to produce a wide and short beam. This is useful for when you want to be able to see better on a foggy night. Elliptical beam patterns or also known as euro beam patterns create a wide flat beam. There’s no light in front of your vehicle, just a band of light from left to right way down the road. There are also combination beam patterns that allow you to have both spot and flood patterns or both spot and elliptical beam patterns.

beam type LED light bar
source: apexlightning.com


For a bright LED light bar you need to count the lumens available for use on the light. The more lumens a light bar has to work with the brighter it will be but that doesn’t mean you need to get the brightest one. A bright light can be a hazardous one as it can blind other road users especially when it’s out in pitch dark conditions. An LED bar with a bright light also uses more power so it can be taxing on your vehicle’s battery.


Since automotive LED light bars can be used on any type of vehicle that has the real estate to accommodate them the mounts come separately. While this is not always the case, most of the time it is which is why you should look into the type of mounts you can get for your vehicle. Also, consider the mounting points available on your four-wheeler to eliminate the need to buy mounts for the light bar.

mountings for LED light bars on vehicle
source: rokblokz.com


The size of the bar will be determined by the amount of space you have on your vehicle for the bar. Usually, small light bars can be fitted on almost any vehicle but remember they will provide you with very little light. If that’s not the case their beam pattern will not be as wide as one found on a bigger light bar. This doesn’t mean you need to go of the biggest light bar though as they add a lot of weight with some of them being nearly up to 130 cm wide.

Curved vs Straight

There are also two types of light bar designs, straight and curved. A straight or standard light bar is able to provide a beam of light across greater distances than a curved light bar. Curved light bars are however much better at illuminating a large area. Curved LED light bars are useful if you love to explore the bush at night as you will get a wider visible range useful for overcoming obstacles on the trail.


A factor that many forget about when looking for LED light bars Australia wide is the waterproof level of the bars themselves. Since you will have the bar placed on the body of your vehicle you want it to be safe in the rain. The IP rating of light bars determines how good are they at keeping water and dist from entering the housing. The higher this rating the better the protection the bar has. This rating is especially important if you want to go off-roading in the most severe weather conditions or when camping in the bush for a longer period of time.

waterproof LED light bars
source: pilotlights.net


Proper lighting conditions are especially important when you want to take o nightly adventures in the wild. Without a light bar, your time spent in the bush can be a dangerous one even if the headlights on your vehicle are some of the brightest. Light bars do not only provide the necessary lumens to stay safe on the trial but they offer also added versatility which can’t be found on headlights.

Nissan Navara D40 Exhaust System Explained

If you are after a vehicle that offers reliability and efficiency as standard then Japanese brands are the ones you should consider. Nissan is one of those car manufacturers and a great example of a vehicle they make that is both efficient and reliable is the Navara D40. Both not only is this vehicle reliable and efficient it is also known as being capable of conquering challenging terrain without much of a struggle.

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LED Car Lights Guide

The newest technological advancement in the lighting world has definitely been LED. An LED or a light-emitting diode is essentially a semiconductor device that is able to generate light thanks to something called electroluminescence. Although LED technology has been around for a long time it has only recently been present in the auto accessories market.
LED headlights might be more expensive than traditional ones but they are far more efficient and longer-lasting. LED headlights are able to operate better in cold conditions too and they emit no heat or UV emissions. With an LED headlight you reap the benefits of an extremely bright light. All these benefits make them a far better long-term solution despite having a higher upfront cost. So how do you install them on your vehicle?

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Make Your Vehicle’s Interior More Luxurious with Moulded Auto Carpet

No matter how long or wide of a car you have to make it look more like an expensive luxury car that only the top 1% have, you need to consider adding an automotive carpet. Carpet makes your car feel more like a lounging area than a car. Carpet also improves sound insulation but as long as it snugs the area it is placed onto. This is why most people prefer moulded car carpet. Moulded auto carpet is made so that it will fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Car Cover for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is made to be parked outside and to endure the duress of adverse weather conditions. While that is the case you shouldn’t always leave your car out, to its own devices, so to speak. Why? Because constant exposure to the sun and rain can lead to the protective layer on your car getting worn out a lot quicker. This can then affect the paint and even the body of your vehicle.Continue reading “Tips for Choosing the Right Car Cover for Your Vehicle”

Must-Have Off-Road Accessories for Your Jeep

The capabilities of one vehicle are what usually attracts people to buy them while looks play a part too but they aren’t as important. In the case of Jeep, you can expect to get an all-weather capable vehicle that can provide you with the ultimate off-road experience. No matter where you are a Jeep can get you out of a messy situation since this brand has been making off-road capable vehicles since its existence.

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Toyota 4Runner 4×4 Accessories: Modify Your Vehicle for Off-Roading

There will always be people interested in exploring the unknown going through challenging terrains and these are the people that are in a need of powerful equipment and vehicles. The Toyota 4Runner is exactly that, a powerful vehicle being able to perform well in bad conditions. With the Toyota 4Runner, you also get selectable locking differentials and a two-speed transfer case.

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Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Gauges

One piece of automotive engineering that has slowly but surely become more complex and advanced over the last century is the dashboard. While in the early days of automotive production there were no dashboards to begin with, the addition of one gauge changed everything. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Gauges”

Tips for Installing the Right Suspension Lift Kit on Your Nissan

Something that’s important for a lot of people when it comes to buying cars is the styling and reliability of a vehicle. A brand that has made its vehicles both stylish and fun to drive for a long time is Nissan. Nissan cars are also known for being fuel-efficient and spacious too. You can bring your whole family on a trip across the country without polluting too much or spending a lot on fuel. Nissan is a brand that is known for pure innovation and that shows in their vehicles.

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