Tips for Choosing the Right Car Cover for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is made to be parked outside and to endure the duress of adverse weather conditions. While that is the case you shouldn’t always leave your car out, to its own devices, so to speak. Why? Because constant exposure to the sun and rain can lead to the protective layer on your car getting worn out a lot quicker. This can then affect the paint and even the body of your vehicle.sun damaged car paint

Although this doesn’t happen overnight it is still a good idea to make use of a car cover. Car covers, as simple of a solution they are, can be quite beneficial in keeping all sorts of external factors away from the surface of your car. Things such as dust, pollen, cat claws, bird droppings, tree sap, and dirt won’t get on your car. Car covers can even help prevent theft alongside keeping your vehicle safe from the sun and the heat its rays can produce.

What to Consider When Searching for A Car Cover

UV Protection

The first and most important thing people want to protect their vehicles is the sun. The sun is exposing your vehicle to its harmful UV rays every single day and you need an auto car cover to keep it safe. Quality vehicle covers are going to be rated for high fade and sun resistance. These car covers will keep the inside cooler than the outside since they also act as a heat-reflective cover.
car cover protection


Something that the majority of people don’t seem to realise is how dangerous dirt can be. It might seem like dirt just makes your car look bad but it actually can compromise the integrity of the body of your car. Built-up dirt can act much like sandpaper. To keep dirt from becoming a nuisance get a car cover that will sit tight on your vehicle.


Although protection from external factors is crucial, sometimes moisture from inside your vehicle can get trapped if you were to get a fully waterproof auto car cover. Breathable vehicle covers are able to keep rain and dirt away while letting moisture coming from the inside evaporate easily.


The quality of the fabric a cover is made of will determine how durable it is. This is mainly affected by the weave of the material and the number of layers it’s comprised of. Some of the best covers are made of softly woven plastics with the most popular being nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. These materials also make it easier to wash.
fabric covers


While a rugged cover will be better at protecting your car from hail and other hard flying objects it shouldn’t be too rugged. You see, car covers can end up scratching your vehicle if their liner isn’t soft enough. A soft inner lining will ensure your car stays unharmed by both external factors and the cover itself.


When it comes to someone eyeing your vehicle, it will usually happen at night when most people are tucked, sound asleep. So to keep your vehicle go safe, especially at night, you should consider getting a car cover with grommets. These grommets allow you to use a lock-and-cable system.

Types of Car Covers


When it comes t choosing a car cover based on location there are three options outdoor, indoor. and all-weather covers. Outdoor car covers are usually thicker than indoor covers as they are made to handle the rigours of the elements. Because of that outdoor car covers are heavier and come with sewn-in elastic and buckled hems to keep them in place.
outdoor car cover protection


An indoor car cover is meant to be used if you park your car mostly in a garage. But why would you need a cover in a garage? Well, if you park your car and leave it like that for a long period of item a lot of dust can accumulate and you don’t that to be the case. Indoor covers are a lot thinner as they are only water-resistant. This means they can only keep your vehicle safe from moisture to a certain level.
indoor car protection


With an all-weather cover you can park your car anywhere you want and you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions outside. Unless there’s a tornado or a tsunami coming in. Otherwise you won’t even have to worry about hard objects hitting your car.


When it comes to the fit of the cover there are only two options to choose from, either custom or universal covers. Custom car covers are a better option since they fit the exact model and year of your car. This ensures that they don’t get blown away or removed as easily by unwanted hands. But because of this, they are a bit pricier than universal covers.


A universal car cover is less expensive than a custom fit cover but it is also not going to sit tightly on your vehicle. If you want to keep your vehicle protected from bird droppings and dust then a universal car cover is a good affordable alternative but otherwise try to avoid getting one.

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