Must-Have Off-Road Accessories for Your Jeep

The capabilities of one vehicle are what usually attracts people to buy them while looks play a part too but they aren’t as important. In the case of Jeep, you can expect to get an all-weather capable vehicle that can provide you with the ultimate off-road experience. No matter where you are a Jeep can get you out of a messy situation since this brand has been making off-road capable vehicles since its existence.

If you tend to go off-roading regularly but still want to have a stroll around town from time to time then a Jeep is a great option for this. Jeeps are easy to customise too and they are usually more affordable than their competitors. If you want a multipurpose tried and true vehicle a Jeep is one to get. But since this is a type of vehicle that will drive even through the most challenging terrains you need to go prepared with some Jeep 4×4 accessories.

Useful Jeep Accessories



No vehicle, big or small comes with weathershields including Jeeps. Also known as rain guards, these narrow pieces of plastic will help make your off-roading trip more convenient. Especially if you’re going on a rainy day. This way with a quality pair of off road Jeep accessories, in this case, rain guards you can enjoy the outside breeze without raindrops getting inside.

You won’t need to turn your AC on with rain guards as having your window cracked open will let enough air to keep you cool – unless it’s a scorching hot day. There are two types of rain guards to choose from, in-channel and stick-on. In-channel rain guards are mounted into the channel of the window while stick-on rain guards stick to the frame of the car door thanks to an adhesive.

Roof Racks/ Basket

To ensure there is space for your mates as well as for your gear and equipment you sometimes need to provide extra storage space. The best way to do so is what a roof rack or basket. When it comes to off-roading, most people go for a roof basket which is a platform with railing all around it to keep items from falling off. Since you’ll be going through unknown terrain in the bush it a roof rack/ basket is a good way to keep your items away but also close by.

Diff Breather

A differential breather comes in the form of a kit which is used to change the location of the differential’s air intake. This air intake happens to be on the undercarriage which makes it a lot easier for water to enter. You may not need to install a diff breather when driving in the city but when exploring the wild you’ll want to do so since there can be deep water crossings. You don’t want to damage your Jeep’s differential by flooding with water. Install a diff breather and you will move the air intake higher up, usually in the engine bay.

jeep accessories snorkel


Off road jeep accessories that go well with differential breathers are snorkels. Just like the snorkel you’d use when diving in the sea, the same design vehicle snorkel is used to keep the engine from getting flooded with water. Sometimes water crossings can be so deep that they can go above the door handle. Either the right or left front side of your Jeep has an air intake for the engine. By installing a snorkel on it you move the air intake higher up above the roof of your Jeep. This way the engine gets fed with cooler and cleaner air which makes things not only safer but more efficient too.

Extended Mirrors

With these Jeep 4×4 accessories, you can tow a lot easier even when off-roading. Installing extended mirrors or towing mirrors as they’re also known will increase the field of view at the back. This can be quite helpful if you want to bring a trailer on your next off-roading adventure. Towing with extended side mirrors is also a lot safer and easier, especially if you have a big trailer.


To stay safe whilst in the bush, you should consider adding a bullbar to the front of your Jeep. A bullbar is able to provide the necessary level of protection to keep the front of your Jeep safe from animal collisions and other impacts such as from trees, rocks and bushes. These Jeep aftermarket accessories are made from three different materials bullbars come made of plastic, steel, and aluminium.

Plastic bullbars are the lightest and most affordable but also the least protective ones. Steel bullbars are the strongest and provide the best level of protection but they are not as affordable as plastic bullbars. Aluminium bullbars offer the best of both worlds by being light and strong and not as expensive as steel bullbars. Aluminium bullbars are also naturally anti-corrosive, so you can go through all kinds of weather with them without worrying about their integrity.

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